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Watch: Sharon Shannon plays for a field of cows - and they love it

Irish musician Sharon Shannon decided to perform an impromptu concert for a field of cows, and it seems the cattle are quite partial to a bit of trad.

Sharon stopped by the area near Dungarvan, Co Waterford and began playing on her accordian.

The cows immediately showed their interest in the music and swiftly gathered round for a listen - with one showing its appreciation by licking her knee.

Sharon said she did it "to promote awareness of how beautiful and intelligent they are, and how their lives are just as precious to them as a dog's life is to a dog or our own lives are to us."

She added: "If you love animals and care about the environment, I recommended watching a film called 'Cowspiracy' which exposes the shocking truth about the disastrous effects of animal agriculture on our precious planet."

The video, which she posted to her Facebook page, has garnered over 148,000 views so far.

Sharon is playing the National Concert Hall in Dublin on August 17.

Video courtesy of Sharon Shannon.

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