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Wayne Coyne's festival 'highlight'

Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips has revealed he had to help restrain a "fat naked guy" who leapt on to the stage during an LCD Soundsystem gig.

The singer, whose band headlined the Saturday night at Bestival at the weekend, said he had been watching LCD Soundsystem from the side of the stage at US festival Bonnaroo earlier this year when the man jumped on to the stage.

Wayne said: "He was crowd-surfing to the front and the security guys got him but for some reason he broke free of the security guards.. in America it's so hot and he was so sweaty, he was completely naked so they couldn't hold him and he broke free.

"He ran up on stage to like attack them and I actually had to help subdue this very slippery naked guy. I don't know if that was the best [festival] experience but it's definitely one that I remember."

The Flaming Lips are next set to visit the UK in July, to play their album The Soft Bulletin for ATP's Don't Look Back season.


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