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Weller: I've had my mid-life crisis

Paul Weller has revealed how he is enjoying fatherhood again at the age of 53, and how he has no plans to leave his baby sons and go touring.

The former frontman of The Jam became a dad to twins John-Paul and Bowie with his new wife Hannah in January.

"It's a great leveller, having kids," he admitted. "My mother-in-law was saying the other night that it's funny seeing me on stage one minute, this rock god as she put it, then washing bottles in the sink the next.

"The twins are great, although I'm sleeping a lot less than I used to. I won't be going on tour for a while though. I don't want to be on a bus for months and months leaving them at home."

His latest single That Dangerous Age is inspired by the reaction to the announcement of his relationship with Hannah, some 28 years his junior.

"Oooooh, the scandal," he said, mockingly. "And I've got children by different women. How shocking!

"While I'd never write a song just about me - it'd be boring - it is about how we view people of certain ages. How are people supposed to dress and act when they get older?

"No one has laid down any maps, we all make it up as we go along. I think you have to act and dress and think however you want to.

"It's mainly just about this guy earning all the bucks in his job but regretting all the things he hasn't done. It's about a mid-life crisis, which I'm absolutely not going through whatsoever. In any case, I got my mid-life crisis out of the way when I was in my late 30s. I got it all out of my system then."

:: Paul Weller's new album Sonik Kicks is out now.


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