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We're thrilled, Girls Aloud stars Cheryl Cole and Sarah Harding tell pregnant Nadine Coyle

By Amanda Ferguson

She's had a bit more time on her hands since Girls Aloud parted ways — but Nadine Coyle’s days will soon be filled with nappies and baby feeds after she announced she was pregnant.


But the 28-year-old Londonderry singer will still be able to lead the glam life of a popstar, according to one lifestyle expert.

The former girlband star, now based in the US, revealed the news yesterday morning when she uploaded a photograph of herself from her Instagram account, with the words: “I am having a baby Nx” written across the image.

Nadine’s former fellow band members took to Twitter to express their delight at the news.

“Congratulations Nadine Coyle. Can't believe you're going to be a mummy” wrote Cheryl Cole.

“Congrats babe! One down... four left to go!” joked Sarah Harding. There were also messages of congratulations from Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh.

Belfast businesswoman and fashion expert Cathy Martin, mother to one-year-old Valentina, said Nadine’s life will change — but she will still be able to cope as a working mum and focus on her showbiz career.

“Your priorities definitely have to change a little bit, but if you’re a working mother you can still focus on the job if you plan ahead,” she said.

“Valentina is getting to that stage were she is into everything, so I am just waiting for the day when she deletes everything off my laptop!

“When you're a working mum you have to have a certain amount of flexibility.

“It's their wee life you’re dealing with and they are so dependent on you.”

Nadine — worth an estimated £6m — is yet to announce the identity of the father, but it is rumoured to be her former fiancé, Jason Bell (above).

She split from the ex-American footballer in 2011, but they have been photographed together in recent months and are thought to have rekindled their romance.

She also dated club promoter Waz Ashayer until early 2013.

In Nadine’s home city of Derry, people on the street greeted the news of her pregnancy with a healthy dose of wry humour.

Margaret McDermot said: “She is hardly the first unmarried mother to come from Derry and I would lay money on it that she is not the last. I don’t suppose the Child Support Agency will be after the father, whoever he is, but good luck to her anyway.”

Edel Farren added: “A new life coming into the world is always good to hear. I hope she has a good pregnancy and a safe delivery.

“She might even bring him or her home to Derry to see where their mammy grew up.”

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