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Westlife's Kian Egan: My wife won't be 'tarted up' like Girls Aloud

Westlife's Kian Egan has said he won't have his wife “tarted up” for her new band like members of Girls Aloud.

The Irish singer turned band manager said that he won't allow Jodi Albert and her colleagues to be dressed up in an “over-sexed” manner like Derry girl Nadine, Cheryl Cole and company.

Egan took a pop at the best-selling girlband, while explaining that he wanted his outfit to have a “classy catwalk, Gucci look”.

Kian made his comments during the band's interview with Cosmopolitan magazine.

He also told of how he will be “very controlling” when it comes to his band's image.

When asked whether there were any outfits he wouldn't like Jodi to wear, he replied: “Yes, I'll certainly be very controlling of their image because I think a lot of the girl bands now are way too tarted up.”

And he explained that his wife wouldn't be too “over-sexed” like Girls Aloud.

“If you look at Girls Aloud's last tour, it's too over-sexed. Jodi's is more of a classy catwalk, Gucci look. That's the sort of sexiness I want to achieve.”

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