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Which shows does singer Anne-Marie love to binge watch?

The singer told Hits Radio her album will likely be ‘trickled out’ soon.


Anne-Marie says she is self-isolating (Lia Toby/PA)

Anne-Marie says she is self-isolating (Lia Toby/PA)

Anne-Marie says she is self-isolating (Lia Toby/PA)

Pop star Anne-Marie has said she is watching Netflix and catching up with friends and family on FaceTime while she stays indoors amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer, 28, who released the single Birthday in February, also spoke about her upcoming album saying she does not yet have a title for it.

Speaking to Hits Radio via FaceTime on Friday, she said: “I’m self-isolating along with all my friends and family, so learning new stuff every day trying to keep myself occupied.

“I’ve been travelling a lot recently so even though I might not have symptoms, I don’t want to be carrying it and give it to someone else so I’ve just decided to be in basically. I have never experienced anything like this and neither have my parents so it’s a weird thing.”

Asked how she was keeping busy at home, she explained: “I’m watching Netflix, I’m trying to stay away from the news but I feel like we actually need to watch it now to keep informed on what’s happening in the country.

“I’m doing a lot of Facetiming with my friends and family which is actually great because since I’ve been on tour for the past 800 years of my life I haven’t actually seen their faces that much so it’s actually been nice seeing their face.”

Her viewing recommendations included Vikings and shows she “binge watches” including Queer Eye and Say Yes To The Dress because she is “obsessed with weddings and marriage”.

Talking about her upcoming album she said it will “slowly be trickled out and now that everyone’s at home and I’m not able to tour, it will probably trickle out faster!”.