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Will: Peas wouldn't win The Voice has revealed he doesn't think his band The Black Eyed Peas could win The Voice.

The music producer and Voice coach told the Metro he believes his hip-hop group with Fergie, and Taboo is an acquired taste, and not the kind of mainstream talent the BBC show is looking for.

Will said of the Black Eyed Peas chances on The Voice: "We wouldn't join it, and if we did join it, we wouldn't win. And if we won, they would be joking. Because we are different.

"We mean something different in popular culture. We create our own stew. Everyone else is eating spaghetti."

Will claims the music industry judges you "on spaghetti or pizza" but the Black Eyed Peas were 'like a f***ing calzone".

He added: "The person judging the pizza would be like, 'This isn't a pizza! What is this?' And I'd be like, 'Taste it. This is different, homie.

"We're just making a sandwich out of the mother f***ing pizza and putting all the juice in the middle."


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