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Will Smith will love Rizzle Kicks' version of Summertime, says DJ Jazzy Jeff


DJ Jazzy Jeff performed the original track alongside Will Smith

DJ Jazzy Jeff performed the original track alongside Will Smith

DJ Jazzy Jeff performed the original track alongside Will Smith

Will Smith is going to "really trip out" when he hears the latest re-creation of early 90s hit Summertime, according to his former sidekick DJ Jazzy Jeff.

The original Summertime, featuring Smith, was released back in 1991, and has been remastered by Rizzle Kicks, with DJ Jazzy flying into London from the US to star in a new video for the track.

Rizzle Kicks have given the lyrics a 2015 British makeover as part of a campaign by retailer Very.co.uk.

DJ Jazzy hailed Rizzle Kicks - Jordan "Rizzle" Stephens and Harley "Sylvester" Alexander-Sule - as "incredible", and said he thinks Smith will think the new version is "really cool".

Speaking to the Press Association, DJ Jazzy, 50, said: "Oh my god, they were incredible. They reminded me so much of Will and myself."

He added: "It was really a lot of fun. It was very much a throwback. There were times that I was just kind of looking around and it took me back to the video shoot because of how well those guys interacted and just the the way the production and everything was set up."

Asked what it was about Rizzle Kicks that reminded him so much of himself and Smith, DJ Jazzy said: "They were very professional but they never take themselves too serious. And Will and I have prided ourselves, even to this day, that we enjoy just interacting with each other, and just having a good time."

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The DJ said he told Smith he was re-creating the video, adding that the Men In Black star is currently "immersed" in shooting Suicide Squad.

"But I can't wait to really show it to him, I know he's just going to really trip out when he sees just how it was re-created, and you know... that it's still going on," he said.

Asked if he thought Smith would be offended at not being involved in the project, DJ Jazzy said: "Not at all."

He is confident Smith will be a fan.

"He's going to like it. He's definitely going to like it. He's going to be like 'wow, this is really cool'," he said.

Asked if he and Smith had considered recording a new version of Summertime themselves, DJ Jazzy said: "We talked about it but it was kind of like, you know what...perfect line in the song - if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.

"So we just kind of leave it alone. Right now my main concern is just... We've been discussing going in the studio, working on some new stuff and going back out on the road and doing some more shows.

"We'll see what happens. A lot of times you get us in the studio and we'll start writing and creating, and who knows?"

There was "typical London weather" when they filmed the video in Greenwich Park.

"It rained a little bit, it got grey and right when we were finishing the video the sun came out," the DJ said.

DJ Jazzy said the main difference he noticed between making this new video and making the old video was the time it took to make.

While the old video took three days, this new video took just a day.

He said the technological advances blew him away, adding: "When I saw the cut of the video I was so shocked at how great this video looked.

"And it's just one of those situations that you're kind of like, wow, if we had this technology when we shot the original video who knows what it would have been."

Very brand ambassador and Saturdays star Rochelle Humes also makes a small cameo in the video.

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