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Williams gets no birthday surprise

Robbie Williams has said he won't be getting a birthday surprise for his 40th because his wife has had to tell him about her plans.

The former Take That star wrote on his blog that he had been overwhelmed by the celebrations planned to mark his milestone in his home city of Stoke, but that unfortunately they clashed with his wife's plans for him.

He wrote: "I actually can't get my head around it... Roads named after my songs, a plaque put up in the park I used to play in, a museum attraction with my memorabilia, a mini festival!?!...

"It all feels like it's happening to someone else who comes from the same place I come from, someone who's far more deserving."

But Robbie added that he was sad he wouldn't be able to make the official celebrations because his wife Ayda had already planned something else for the same dates.

He wrote: "Unfortunately I won't be able to be there for the celebrations myself sadly. Because unbeknownst to me, my wife has planned a rather large and intricate surprise few days, which due to the celebration she had to tell me about...

"She's gutted, I'm gutted and we all wish that we could be there. Alas I've also got a work trip to Australia immediately after... which makes it a geographical impossibility cos I'm in LA right now.

"Either way, plans are afoot for me to have an official celebration in Stoke soon, can't wait!"

Robbie added: "I can only imagine what Grandma Bertha and Grandad Jack would think of it all. Like them, I hope I make you all proud."


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