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Williams pens song about daughter

Robbie Williams has told how he poured his feelings about his daughter into his new song.

The former Take That star, 39, said he worried that 14-month-old Theodora Rose, nicknamed Teddy, would meet a man like him when she is older.

"Go Gentle is a warning and a promise. The verses are full of warning for my daughter and the chorus is a promise that I've made to her that I have to keep - and it's a big promise," Metro quoted him as saying.

"In the verses I'm playing around with the fact that she might meet somebody like me when she's 16 or 36 and what she should do if she does."

In the track Go Gentle, Robbie, who will be taking over Dermot O'Leary's Radio 2 show for a Christmas Special, promises his first child that he will always be there for her.

The track features the lines: "You're gonna meet some strangers welcome to the zoo. Bitter disappointments except for one or two. Some of them are angry, some of them are mean, most of them are twisted, few of them are clean."

Speaking to biographer Chris Heath at a Facebook fan event, the Angels singer said: "I reckon a young human needs love and time and respect and if we give her that then I believe she's going to make good choices. That's what I hope anyway, fingers crossed."


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