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Williams: Right time for reunion

Michelle Williams has revealed that a recent Destiny's Child reunion happened spontaneously.

The 33-year-old rejoined bandmates Beyonce and Kelly Rowland for the song, Say Yes, on her upcoming solo album, Journey To Freedom.

"It was time, you know," she told Us Weekly.

She said the collaboration came about after she unveiled the track to them.

"We always let each other listen to our music in advance. They heard Say Yes and were like, 'Right now is the time for Destiny's Child to make a single'. No red tape, none of that," she added.

Michelle described Say Yes as an "old African song that's been around for about 100 years", which was brought to her by her producer Harmony Samuels.

"I'm so glad that I did it. Of course, it features Kelly and Beyonce on there, which just adds more amazingness to it," she said.

And she added that it was like old times when they returned to the studio: "It was so much fun. No matter what, with our three voices together, there's no harmony like that. That blend that we [have]... there's something spiritual about it."

Since Destiny's Child parted ways in 2005, Michelle has starred in Broadway productions of Aida, Chicago and The Colour Purple. She also took part in the eighth series of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing in 2010. Journey To Freedom will be her fourth solo album.


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