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Winstead cautious over music role

Actor-turned-singer Mary Elizabeth Winstead has said she was initially wary of making a record.

The Scott Pilgrim Vs The World actress has teamed up Dan The Automator (real name Dan Nakamura), who has also worked with the likes of Cornershop, DJ Shadow and Kasabian.

But Mary said that she was "very cautious", about the decision before forming their collaboration Got A Girl.

She said she'd been approached about singing before, but nothing ever "struck me as a good idea, because it was just uninteresting pop that tried to cash in on whatever name value I might have as an actor".

"That's not something I ever wanted to do," she said.

Mary added: "Once I hooked up with Dan, I didn't have any fears.

"I admired him so much musically, that working with him was great. And it was such a good opportunity for me personally, just as a fan of his, that I would never worry about what anyone else would think.

"You know, s***w anyone else, it was fun for me," she added happily.

She's currently re-learning to play the piano, having previously had lessons throughout her teens, and has carried on writing songs since she and Nakamura completed their album, hopeful that there might a second.

But, she points out, this isn't just about making herself more famous.

"You get people who are actors slash models slash singers slash whatever, just because it gets their name out there some more," Winstead mused. "I'm not interested in that at all."

:: Got A Girl's album I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now is available now.


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