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Wood: Dylan loves my radio show

Ronnie Wood has revealed his radio show can boast a very famous fan - folk legend Bob Dylan.

The Rolling Stones rocker hosts the The Ronnie Wood Show on Absolute Radio, with the sessions now televised on Sky Arts 1.

And Ronnie - who picked up the Sony Radio Personality of the Year award last May for the programme - has an admirer in Blowin' In The Wind singer Bob.

"I saw him recently when he played in England and he came off stage and said to me, 'Hey Woody, I listen to your radio show' and I said, 'No, I listened to yours, and you're my favourite' and he said, 'No you're the best man, I take your show everywhere I go'," Ronnie said.

"It's on in America, it's really broken big over there."

The 64-year-old, who's been sober for the last two years following stints in rehab, credits the show with helping him stay on the wagon.

"The radio's been a kick up the a*** for me and while I've been keeping sober, it's been a way to express myself in a new, focused way," he explained.

"It has helped me stay sober because I've had to concentrate, but I also get the freedom. It's what I do, I deal with music, I get energy from it."

:: The Ronnie Wood Show continues on Fridays on Sky Arts 1


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