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Wretch 32: Son made me 'man up'

Wretch 32 says his son is a big inspiration
Wretch 32 says his son is a big inspiration

Wretch 32 has revealed how his son inspired him to pursue musical success.

The Blackout rapper, whose real name is Jermaine Sinclair, admitted his child Kyrayn made him "man up" and boosted his self-confidence.

"There were moments in my career when I thought, 'Is this really going to pan out the way I wanted it to?' Everybody started getting signed and we hadn't had any meetings. People start to stop you in the street to ask, 'Are you still doing this music thing?' and you're like, 'Of course, I just put a tune up yesterday - how come you don't know?'" he told SB.TV.

The 28-year-old dad-of-two continued: "Those things really bug you and then you're going home and you've got home issues, you've got kids or whatever.

"My little boy came and it was like, 'I'm a dad now so I need to man up'. He actually instilled a lot of my self-belief because I knew that I had to make this happen for him as well as myself."

Wretch - who has since worked with Ed Sheeran, Example and Josh Kumra - is now encouraging young people to believe in themselves, alongside Rita Ora, Ed Sheeran and Adam Deacon for the National Citizen Service (NCS), which helps 16 and 17-year-olds build essential skills with its three-week residential programme.

"It just goes to show that you need to believe in yourself. No one thought this would happen for me," he said.

"The way I rap, I wasn't seen to be able to work commercially, but somehow we've managed to spin it and we've managed to make it work. The only thing I now want to do is make a difference. I think that's the key, and I've got mad self-belief in making a difference."


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