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X Factor star had no 'sob stories'

The British winner of the French X Factor feels he was booted out of Simon Cowell's UK show because he didn't have a sob story.

Matthew Raymond-Barker, who won the French version on Tuesday night, was ejected from last year's ITV1 show in the first round of boot camp.

The 22-year-old, who has won a record deal with Sony Music, told The Sun: "Simon Cowell said at the end of my UK audition: 'You actually do have a good voice.'

"But I guess I didn't have a story. I think a story can really help you in X Factor in England.

"Sometimes the slow music used to start before the sob story and you'd think, here we go. But there were no sob stories in France".

The south Londoner, who went to France to study the language after his his UK X Factor failure, added that being English meant that he "stood out" on the French show, which was an advantage.

And he added: "I wouldn't say I'm completely fluent. I make mistakes but people think it's cute - that probably helped me win."


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