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Yorke feeling sunny in California

Thom Yorke has revealed working in California has helped wash out the "cynicism" of his British genes and loosen up in his approach to his music.

It is the home base for his band Atoms For Peace with Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, Radiohead producer and multi-instrumentalist Nigel Godrich, Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco and drummer Joey Waronker, who he has been working with for four years.

The Radiohead frontman said: "I find it hard to work in Britain all the time. Because I've grown up with it and it's what I know. And I've also grown up with the cynicism that's in the genes. Sometimes it's good to try and wash that out. Generally in my work, it's really helped me a lot. And it's fed back into the Radiohead thing too. Maybe it's just getting old but I'm loosening up with all my... stupid rules about what works, what doesn't work."

Yorke, 44, said sunny Los Angeles has kept him creatively inspired. He's a fan of the city's burgeoning experimental hip-hop and electronic beat scene, specifically 29-year-old producer and rapper Flying Lotus.

"I've grown up with a sense of sort of snobbery to someone who just stands on a stage with one interface and a laptop. That's it?! But he completely flipped my mind about that," he said. "Because actually watching what he was doing and everything, it was like, OK, now I get it. It turned me on to that idea much more. The next generation will come up. And all the rules that you've made for yourself, they don't give a f***."


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