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You know you really want them

By Patric Baird

Festival Marquee, Custom House Sq, Belfast, Tomorrow, 8pm

As synonymous with the 1980s as DeLoreans, Del Boy and deely boppers, The Human League were originally formed in 1977 in Sheffield by Martyn Ware and Ian Craig March as an all-male group playing avant-garde, new-wave synth compositions and finding some success with their 1980 album, Travelogue.

When Marsh and Ware quit the band to form the successful pop act Heaven 17 just prior to an upcoming tour, the one remaining member, vocalist Phil Oakey, hurriedly recruited teenagers Susan Ann Sulley and Joanne Catherall at a Sheffield nightclub, thereby salvaging The Human League, which had been dismissed by the music media as being finished “now that the talented people had left”, and sowing the seeds for a career which has lasted for more than 30 years.

Dominating the charts throughout the 1980s with hits including The Sound Of The Crowd, (Keep Feeling) Fascination and 1981's multi-million selling No. 1 single Don't You Want Me Baby, taken from the equally successful album Dare (which was described by David Bowie as “the sound of the future”), the band continued to tour and release singles with varying degrees of success throughout the following decades.

They recently emerged with a brand new, contemporary-meets-retro sound on their I Monster-produced 2011 album Credo, name-checked as inspirations by modern electropop acts including Lady Gaga, Little Boots and La Roux, and a current European tour which touches down at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival tomorrow night.

Visit for tickets, which are priced at £20.

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