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Young: I'll stop when music's done

Neil Young has said he will keep making music until it stops coming naturally.

The 66-year-old Heart Of Gold singer, who has written his first book, the memoir Waging Heavy Peace, said: "When music is finished with me, I'll be OK.

"Right now I still do it because it seems natural. If it ever comes to the point where I can't do it justice, when I'm not doing my best, then I'll stop."

Neil refused to have a ghostwriter help him with his new book, insisting: "That's a scary damn idea, having a ghost in the house."

The Canadian singer added: "My whole M.O. for doing the book was that it was going to be off the top of my head. I wasn't going to spend any time trying to organise anything. That's always worked for me with everything else I've done."

Neil has already written part of a sequel to Waging Heavy Peace, which he said started out to be about cars and dogs but now is largely about record players. He also has a tour with the band Crazy Horse this autumn.


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