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Zane reveals favourite nightspots


Zane Lowe thinks Bristol is a good night out

Zane Lowe thinks Bristol is a good night out

Zane Lowe thinks Bristol is a good night out

Zane Lowe has revealed his favourite party spots, which include New York, Ibiza and Bristol.

The BBC Radio 1 DJ is encouraging party-goers to participate in the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project - a brainstorm about what makes Britain's nightlife so wonderful.

Kicking off the list, he said: "It's hard to beat New York, which is great, and the most fun place to go out, DJ and play music is Ibiza, which is impossible to fault as a DJ because there's a great energy there and it's where music lives in the culture."

But he added: "There's lots of wonderful spots here. Great Britain has some of the best cities for playing gigs. I've done amazing shows in Bristol, Birmingham and Manchester."

All the suggestions will then be shared with 13 other countries including the US, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Lebanon, Poland, South Africa, Thailand and Venezuela, with the results to be announced on October 22. Each country will experience another country's nightlife experience on November 27.

"I'm just excited to get involved, it's something I've never done before - I can't wait to see the overall picture, I want to put the best night together for GB and see how it all rolls out internationally," Zane said.

"There's so much exciting, original stuff going on in different scenes around the UK right now. It's going to be a fascinating experiment but ultimately a way of delivering an experience like never before."

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