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Zutons' McCabe 'broke man's nose'

The Zutons' Dave McCabe broke a man's nose after his girlfriend was insulted by a group of men, a court has heard.

The frontman, 29, headbutted Peter Appleby during a booze-fuelled row outside a nightclub, Liverpool Crown Court was told.

McCabe, who wrote the worldwide hit Valerie which was covered by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson, is accused of approaching the group in anger and headbutting Mr Appleby, 23.

The rock star admits headbutting Mr Appleby but says he acted in self-defence and denies assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

A prosecution lawyer told the jury that Mr Appleby was leaving the club with five male friends when they saw McCabe's girlfriend standing outside. One of the men then mocked her fur-collared jacket - saying it appeared to him that she had a beard.

The remark was overheard by the woman, who was not named in court, and she reacted "angrily", the lawyer said.

He added: "Mr McCabe came over to the group and Mr Appleby was laughing. He never made the remark but he was laughing because he thought it was funny. McCabe came over and headbutted Mr Appleby, causing him a broken nose."

The defence claim Mr Appleby, along with his friends, surrounded McCabe and he raised his arm to strike the star so he was headbutted in self-defence.

Giving evidence, Mr Appleby denied he behaved aggressively towards McCabe and his girlfriend.

He told the court the beard remark was a private comment between the friends and not intended to be overheard by the woman.


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