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Q&A: 9 questions for rock duo Rews ahead of Belfast gig

Pictured: Rews
Pictured: Rews

London/Belfast duo Rews are set to perform in Belfast this weekend.

Shauna Tohill and Collette Williams will take to the stage at McHughs Bar on Saturday, March 24.

1. What's the best and worst thing that's ever happened to you on stage?

Best thing - the beautiful overwhelming feeling of people singing your lyrics back to you.

Worst thing - falling off an amp after climbing.

2. Who is your idol and have you ever met them?

I respect many amazing musicians - I guess I am incredibly inspired by Annie (St.Vincent).  I've never met her, would love to jam with her though!

3. Can your music be described in one word?

Hmmm... Energetic

4. Can your music be described in five words?

Fierce Colourful Hooky Rockin’ in-yo-face!

5. What can the Belfast audience expect from your upcoming show?

They can expect the high energy, fun loving, noisy duo. We will be playing the songs of our debut album and a few little surprises - get ready to dance!

6. What song is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Oh gosh... perhaps too guilty... N*Sync - Bye Bye Bye.

7. Do you know what an Ulster Fry is?

Haha! Of course I do - I’m from Ulster.

8. Who would you love to perform with?

Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro, Don Broco ... to name but a few.

9. If you had to listen to one song on repeat for 24 hours, what would it be?

Nine Inch Nails - Less Than.

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