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Q&A: Chloe Howl

The London singer (18) was recently named in the BBC's Sound Of 2014 poll and in the top 3 of the BRITs Critics' Choice Award. Her new single Paper Heart is out now

Well done on the Sound of ... poll nomination. When did you find out?

I found out a couple of days before the main announcement, so I was still running around when everyone else found out. It was really exciting.

It's credited with breaking a lot of new artists. Were you aware of it beforehand?

Yes, I've always followed the people that are on it, so it was a big deal for me to get on there.

Have you celebrated yet?

I haven't had time, to be honest. I've been doing a couple of shows, and rehearsing and then some interviews, so I'm exhausted.

When did you write

Paper Heart?

I wrote it last year. I'd been in New York recording some songs. I was in a terrible mood, and started thinking about people, specifically guys, who had been idiots to me in the past. Paper Heart is my fantasy that I ended things, to make myself feel better. It's an ego boost.

Did it work, rewriting history?

Yes, and anyone who hears it thinks I broke up with them, so it's a kick in the head for my exes.

How many songs have you got?

Well, I've got the album ready, which is 12 tracks. That's all finished now. I mentioned being in New York, I just did the one song there, Rumour, and the rest in London. A lot of the songs are produced by the people I've co-written with.

What's it like when you meet co-writers for the first time?

It's a bit weird, because I'd only ever been in school before. Then I left school and my job for 18 months was just turning up at 30-year-old men's houses for a couple of days and hoping for the best. That was weird, and it is weird just walking in and saying: "We have to write a song together and we've only known each other an hour." But it soon sorts itself out.

How long did it take to write Paper Heart?

About two days, but much of that was getting the production right.

And how do you tend to work?

I don't have a set way yet, and because I'm working with different writers, they have their methods, so we might start with music, or we might start with lyrics.

How much writing had you done before?

I was 13 and I got a keyboard and I taught myself to play and started writing songs. I always wanted to be an author. I mean, I wanted to be a singer since I was tiny, but I didn't think it was something you could do, actually BE a singer.


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