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Q&A: Delorentos on their favourite thing about Belfast and love of the French national anthem

Sarah Tulloch

By Sarah Tulloch

Irish alternative rock band Delorentos are currently touring their fifth studio album,True Surrender.

We had a chat with the guys (minus Ross) ahead of their gig at McHughs Basement Bar on Thursday, November 8.

What's your favourite thing about Belfast?

Kieran: I love wandering around the centre, especially the area from Queens to the Ulster hall where we spend all our time whenever we’re gigging. Knock into Laverys for a pint... We had our first Nando’s there before it was popular down south too. Magical.

Nial: The music scene. Especially McHughs (on Thursday nights).

Ronan: City Hall. Especially at Christmas time when the market is on.

How did you get into music?

Kieran: We were always into music, and we eventually found each other through mutual friends and hearing about each other on the little scene we were in. We had to get Ro drunk to convince him to play a gig with us, so he agreed, and then, that was that!

Nial: Ross and I chose instruments randomly when drinking together as teenagers. My older brother took me to buy The Breeders first album and I fell in love with alternative guitar music.

Ronan: When we were 16, myself and my best pal dared each other to audition for the school musical. It was Grease. We were amazing and the rest is history.

What's the most underrated song of all time?

Kieran: Big question. Possibly the French national anthem. Absolute banger.

Nial: Don't Let Go by En Vogue.

Ronan: Breathless by The Corrs.

What can a Belfast audience expect from your show?

Kieran: We do good songs at people and mostly they very much enjoy it. We’re lucky, the lovely folk of Belfast keep returning to see us so we can’t wait to play True Surrender to them.

Nial: They can expect the best set we have ever had, a set that has come together from playing shows on three continents, and making five albums.

Ronan: Great songs, high energy, high emotion.

What was the first gig you ever attended?

Kieran: Radiohead 1998, Dublin. I was a bit young, but I’ll never forget it. I was on someone’s shoulders singing along to the millennial dread. All very enjoyable.

Nial: Oasis, Point Depot Dublin!

Ronan: Ash in the SFX in Dublin. They were amazing. We’ve been lucky to meet the guys a few times since then and they’re really lovely.

What has been your favourite gig you've played so far?

Kieran: We played a show supporting Two Door Cinema Club on our tour of Mexico two years ago. It was a huge shed in Guadalajara, and the massive crowd screamed so much throughout that we felt like the Beatles. Afterwards we went to the merch stand and everyone thought we were Two Door, so we had to sign all their albums as we couldn’t adequately explain that we were the other band. Good fun though.

Nial: We played to thousands of people in Corona capital, Mexico City. They were there on purpose to see us. That was cool.

Ronan: It’s hard to choose, as we’ve had many weird and wonderful gigs. We supported Two Door Cinema Club in Guadalajara a couple of years ago in front of a few thousand people. The atmosphere was electric and nearly felt like a hometown show. It was amazing and afterwards we were gifted a Mexican flag, which still hangs in our practice space.

Could you listen to the first song you wrote and not cringe?

Kieran: No, I would cringe myself into a diamond. But that’s okay, you have to start somewhere!

Nial: Yes. Cringing doesn't solve nuthin', nohow.

Ronan: Yes. It’s the last song I’m more concerned about!

Craziest fan encounter?

Kieran: It’s always cool when you meet people who have tattoos of your band or your lyrics, but recently we met a man who had slightly mis-spelt the name of our band, and I genuinely debated with myself whether to tell him or not. I didn’t. He seemed happy enough.

Nial: We met a guy that had tattooed our band name on his back. Then we met another guy that tattooed our lyrics on his arm. It's always guys.

Ronan: Nothing scary thankfully, but we do have some very dedicated fans, some of whom have traveled from North and South America to see us on this tour which is incredibly humbling.

Who would you want to get stuck in a lift with for 24 hours?

Kieran: Stuck in the lift of Nando’s with Radiohead, who are using the time to practice the French national anthem. Perfect!

Nial: Nikola Tesla - to see if we could recover his plans for wireless electricity (which would help spread excess energy from the developed to developing world), and any other mad ideas he had.

Ronan: Bruce Springsteen. We supported him in Nowlan Park Kilkenny a while back, but didn’t get to meet him on the day. If he didn’t mind brining his acoustic guitar, that’d be great too.

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