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Q&A: Shane Todd on Belfast's friendly maniacs and his advice for aspiring comedians

Sarah Tulloch

By Sarah Tulloch

Co Down comedian Shane Todd has played sold out gigs at the Ulster Hall two years running. Now, he's returning to the stage with his new show Shane Todd: Hero.

We spoke to the Holywood star ahead of his UK and Ireland tour.

What did your dad say when you told him you were going to be a comedian?

He said 'Well that's good because you're super talented'. He said it with his eyes. With his mouth he said 'I don't know why you would do that'. Great times.

What was your yearbook quote?

I left school in fifth year so I didn't get to do one - Cheers for reminding me of that. I did my A Levels at Belfast Met, which was sweet because we got to wear whatever we liked to normally wear. My PVC gear wouldn't have been tolerated in school.

What's your favourite thing about Belfast?

Friendly maniacs! Love that moment when you see a shirtless guy in city centre walking his pitbull and you think he's going to smack you but he just says, 'Alright mate!'. That relief is always pretty great.

One thing in Northern Ireland you would recommend to a visitor?

A fun game where you try and get a coffee before noon on a Sunday. It's very difficult to play. I know that's for religious reasons but I think if God tasted a vanilla latte, he'd be all over it.

Any advice for aspiring comedians?

Expect any new person you meet to ask you to tell you a joke at any social occasion. I never, ever do it. Or sometimes I give them a knock knock joke and then the next day send them an invoice for my usual rate (£80k).

What would you say if I told you I fancied your dad?

I'd say fair play to you, he is absolutely brutal.

What can an audience expect from your show?

Silly laughs. You can go and see plenty of stand up shows filled with emotion and a serious message- not on my watch. My show will not change your life but you'll hopefully forget real life for an hour.

What has been your favourite gig you've done so far and why?

I'm not just saying this but last year's Ulster Hall shows. Two years ago when I did it the nerves really took over. I enjoyed it but it was a big deal to sell out a venue that I used to go and watch "big comedians" in. Last year I was able to really enjoy it and feel comfortable. Months later I took in the fact that I had sold it out for two nights.

Do you prefer making online skits or performing stand-up?

Live stand-up, always. It's my dream job and I'm doing it as long as I keep getting away with it.

Shane Todd: Hero will be touring the UK and Ireland September 14 - December 8. Tickets are available from respective venue box offices. Belfast Ulster Hall shows are on sale here

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