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Q&A: We catch up with Irish indie-pop duo All Tvvins

By Chris Jones

Conor Adams is frontman of the Irish indie-pop duo, formed from underground bands Adebisi Shank and The Cast Of Cheers, who play Belfast this weekend.

Q: How did you and bandmate Lar come to work together?

A: We were always at each other's gigs and got to know each other through the (Dublin) scene. We'd mentioned doing a band together a bunch of times but it was always, 'We'll get back to it some time'. Then last year we were talking at a gig and we had free time so it was quite easy to just jam together.

The background we come from, music-wise, is quite similar, and the bands we like too, and me and Lar still very much want to make music all the time and tour and do all that's involved It was very natural for us to team up.

Q: Your last Belfast show was in the basement of a pub. How does it compare to the bigger venues?

A: The small gigs are nice because the audience is right there and it's nice and sweaty and more a rock vibe, but weirdly enough I think the bigger stages suit us better. It's not as raw as our other bands used to be. 

Q: Was it always the intention to make poppier music?

A: No, not really. At the start we were making these 20-minute guitar jams that were probably madder than any of our bands. And then after about a week of doing that we were just bored, like 'We've kinda done this, haven't we?' It just seemed pointless. So we didn't decide to go more poppy, we just wanted to do something different. I picked up the bass and found a vocoder and instantly that changed everything. I was singing more soulful stuff, as a joke at the start, and we happened upon one or two riffs and hooks and it felt really exciting.

Neither of us had ever experimented with pop so it was an interesting way to go about songwriting.

Q: It sounds like you are treating pop music as experimentation. 

A: Yeah, totally. We're just making music we want to hear. As the years have gone on we're both a bit more open to all kinds of music, whether that be whatever is in the top 10 of the charts or some new metal band - anything. We're not as musically snobbish as we used to be. There was a time when I'd rail against whatever was popular, and I don't know why. It was a mental block. But now I can embrace them - just because they are popular doesn't mean whoever it is has sold out.

Q: You're signed to Warner UK. Coming from a DIY, underground background, did you ever think you'd sign to a major label?

A: You hear these stories, 'Watch out for the majors', so we were a tad wary, but we've been working with them for a good while and they're nothing but really encouraging. I have to say it's been great. They're just putting it in our hands to make a good album. Which is kind of scary - they do believe in us a lot so now we have to make something good!

We're happy if we get to record an album and tour the backside out of it. That's our goal in life!

  • All Tvvins play Voodoo in Belfast on Sunday. For details and information on tickets, visit

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