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A triumphant opening in Enniskillen

Samuel Beckett revered the great Italian poet Dante, whose Divine Comedy is a featured theme running through the programme at this year's Happy Days Festival in Enniskillen.

The French composer Olivier Messiaen was a contemporary of Beckett's and his apocalyptic Quartet for the End of Time was the work chosen to open the classical strand at the festival.

It was certainly apposite, the vision of Christian redemption and salvation in the work dovetailing neatly with the spiritual journey undertaken in Dante's great epic. It was good to see the Vienna Piano Trio returning for the opening 2013 concert.

Inevitably, perhaps, it was the two visionary movements – Praise To The Eternity Of Jesus and Praise To The Immortality Of Jesus – which made the deepest impression on those assembled.

A totally absorbing, triumphant start.


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