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Album: Archie Bronson Outfit, Coconut (Domino)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

If this week's releases were to be plotted on a graph, Coconut would come somewhere between the electro-industrial grooves of Black Light and the berserker impulse of Amsterdam Showdown, King Street Throwdown!

Which places it pretty close to The Fall's Krautrock-inspired motorik – in the case of "Wild Strawberries", a primal riff that just about stretches to a second chord, while slide-guitar plunges into a howling vortex and singer Sam Windett blurts indecipherable phrases, like a man fighting an overpowering current. It's as if he's trying to impose some semblance of sentience upon riffs seemingly determined to discard all civilised aspects in their lust for the primitive and instinctual; that he never quite succeeds is cause for some small celebration, as early tracks such as "Magnetic Warrior", "Shark's Tooth" and "Hoola" develop a nagging, hypnotic momentum that carries one through their darker corners. The two-part nightmare "You Have A Right To A Mountain Life/One Up On Yourself" pushes things over the edge with its intense, screeching caterwaul, each guitar chord being scrubbed away mercilessly before the next arrives: a scorched-earth policy adroitly avoided on the better tracks.

Download this Magnetic Warrior; Shark's Tooth; Hoola

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