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Album: Big Boi, Sir Lucious Left Foot: Son Of Chico Dusty (Def Jam)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

Antwan "Big Boi" Patton's follow-up to Speakerboxxx is not as immediately engaging – there's nothing here with quite the magnetic appeal of "I Like The Way You Move" – although few rappers can manipulate the charms of hook, rap and beat as infectiously as Patton when all the elements lock together as smoothly as they do on "Shine Blockas" and "You Ain't No DJ", the latter built around a sort of hip-hop gamelan groove.

But there's a laziness about some of the rhyming – does a girl called "Tangerine" really have to shake it like a tambourine? – with Big Boi's freewheeling flow coming across like the stream of consciousness of a short attention-span on "Shutterbugg" and the bonehead dope anthem "Fo Yo Sorrows".

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