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Album: Daft Punk, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to Tron: Legacy (Virgin)

By Andy Gill

The opening "Overture" sets out their stall, its French horn sunrise swelling to a vaunting full orchestral climax.

Much of the album then juggles different orchestral gambits - the thunderous percussion of "The Game Has Changed", the fatalistic doom-chords, urgent string motif and triumphant horns of "Recognizer" - while the duo's synths roll out the stalking synth lines and cycling arpeggios beneath the foreboding sheets of strings. The touchstone is clearly John Carpenter's soundtrack work, and they make a decent fist of it, Tron: Legacy ultimately resembling a cross between the looming terror of The Thing and the implacable momentum of Assault On Precinct 13.

Download this: Disc Wars; Nocturne; Derezzed; Recognizer

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