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Album: David Bowie Station to Station (Super Deluxe, Limited Edition) (EMI)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

Station To Station was the fulcrum in Bowie's shift from the be-quiffed, plastic soul of Young Americans to the Krautrock/electronica of Low.

That manoeuvre is prefigured in the lengthy, multi-part title-track, which opens croonfully heralding "the return of the thin white duke", but closes with the crunching machine-beat motorik celebrating "the European Man is here". The rest of the album balances neatly between flamboyant balladry, slippery funk and, in "TVC15", a love letter to the singer's new video equipment (then exotically cutting-edge). Milestone it may be, but this five-CD set does overplay things, with discs of analogue and digital masters, an EP of singles mixes, and an (admittedly hot) contemporary live show.

DOWNLOAD THIS Station To Station; Golden Years; TVC15; Stay; Wild Is The Wind

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