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Album: Harry Hill, Funny Times (Island)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

Britain's leading light entertainer makes a decent fist of reviving the comedy album by, as the title suggests, making fun of our times, with special attention for Harry's fellow tele-brities.

There's a calypso tribute to Subo, an epistolary fan letter in the style of Eminem's "Stan" called "Never Be Holly Willoughby Symphony", and most chilling of all, the Morricone-esque "Ken!", featuring William Roache as onscreen alter ego Ken Barlow uttering threats over mariachi horns and whiplashes. Harry's most acid observations are aimed at tweenagers on "I Wanna Baby" ("I got a pitbull and I like texting, and pretty soon I'll do the sex thing"), but it's all done with typical geniality. There are several laugh-out-loud moments, and one or two squirt-milk-from-your-nose moments too. Providing you're drinking milk, of course.

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