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Album: Jimi Hendrix, West Coast Seattle Boy (Sony Legacy/Experience Hendrix)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

This is a far less satisfactory vault-rummaging exercise than Springsteen's, begging questions about whether Hendrix himself would really have appreciated the release of rough demo versions of things like "1983... (A Merman I Shall Turn to Be)" and Dylan's "Tears of Rage".

As for the alternative takes, some are little more than the released versions minus their slight varispeeding, while others confirm that even genius can be uninspired at times. By far the most interesting of these four discs is the first, which features Jimi's work as R&B sideman with the likes of Little Richard, King Curtis and especially The Isley Brothers, who first encouraged his flamboyance on tracks like "Testify" and "Move Over and Let Me Dance", the latter also providing the template for his own cool-hipster vocal style.

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