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Album: JLS, Outta This World (Epic)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

For most of its 14 tracks, Outta This World is boy-band R&B at its most formulaic, tracks like "That's My Girl" and over-autotuned opener "The Club Is Alive" ticking along meekly, with the boys simpering in the required manner through "Love You More", balladry so mechanical you can virtually hear the conveyor-belt trundling around.

But there are a few momentsthat hint at more, particularly the thoughtful "Other Side Of The World", which besides being their best collective performance also features the most considered arrangement, not to mention a lyric with an actual narrative thrust. And there's a nice line in sci-fi fantasy cyborg dance-pop in "Superhero" and "Outta This World" itself, the latter taking a literal approach by asking, "London, Paris, LA, Chicago / Venus, Mars, or Saturn or Pluto... where you from, girl?"

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