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Album: K T Tunstall, Tiger Suit, Relentless

Reviewed by Andy Gill

For her third album, K T Tunstall has tried to combine her folksy, singer-songwriter stylings with dance-conscious beats and electronic textures.

Save for the occasional distorted noise loop, sequenced vocal percussion or background ambient shimmer, the results aren't actually that distant from her usual approach, with chunky rhythm-guitar grooves driving songs like "Glamour Puss" and "Push That Knot Away". The latter, perhaps, refers to the aesthetic crisis she suffered in Greenland, covered in "Uummannaq Song", the native chanting element of which recalls early Sinead O'Connor. Lyrically, the best track is the single "(Still a) Weirdo", in which KT outlines her modus operandum: "Pay no lip service, keep it eloquent/ Optimistic but still quite elegant/ Still a weirdo after all these years".

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