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Album: Kylie, Aphrodite (Parlophone)


Kylie - Aphrodite

Kylie - Aphrodite

Kylie - Aphrodite

With Aphrodite, Kylie shimmies her way further down the road of single-issue synth-pop, to the detriment of any notable individual characteristics.

When she sings "I'm not myself at all" in "Illusion", it's hard to know how she can tell. There's nothing as distinctive here as "Spinning Around" or "Can't Get You Out Of My Head": the differences between tracks are mostly matters of synthesis, from the electro throb of "All The Lovers" to the rasping buzz of "Too Much", with the main sonic interest provided by layers of whooshing noises and sharp intakes of breath beneath the surface of "Cupid Boy". But too often here, romancing and dancing are blandly promulgated, each striding disco stomp professing Kylie's all-consuming faith in one or the other. Which is OK until she asks, "What's the point of living if you don't want to dance?" Get a grip, sweetie.

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