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Album: Los Lobos, Tin Can Trust (Proper)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

American rock's most reliable supercharged bar-band is in comfortable, relaxed mode on Tin Can Trust which, after the themed concept of 2006's The Town and the City is just a grab-bag of songs, though none the worse for that.

Rolling blues and rumba-rock grooves rub shoulders with Spanish-language cumbia and norteña, with Steve Berlin's organ and sax adding smoky, jazz-tinged textures to the guitars of David Hidalgo, Cesar Rosas and Louie Perez, as they reflect on burning bridges, religious visions, life, love, and the simple pleasures of the neighbourhood. Best of all is "27 Spanishes", a droll conquistador tale which shifts from the initial betrayal of the Indian natives, to how the two sides later became "muy friendly, and their blood was often mixed/ Now they all hang out together, and play guitars for kicks".

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