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Album: Parka, Attack of the Hundred Yard Hard Man

They may have a name that tips its hat to all things Mod — but there's nothing at all one-genre dimensional about Parka.


Attack of the Hundred Yard Hard Man


The Glaswegian five-piece have squeezed in just about every variety of music around on their dolly mixtures debut, Attack Of The Hundred Yard Hard Man.

And because of this, there's never a dull moment.

Indeed no two songs are the same in a wonderful little assortment of material that scrutinises pop, lad rock, disco, electro and new wave.

All of this is underpinned by a youthful dynamism and musical/lyrical invention.

Consequently, there is no danger of Parka fitting neatly into any musical straitjacket.

If pushed, one would have to say they have more in common with Mark E Smith and his fantastic Fall.

Even the names of songs have a resemblance to those of the Grumpy One — You're No Geezer (But You Try) and I Don't Wanna Fight You Tonight.

And singer Matty Thompson has a Smith-like-speak/scream set of vocal cords.

Among the many gems are Mr Optimistic, Hoxton Hair and of, course the ridiculously catchy single, Disco Dancer.

Parka is a band you can easily warm to. There is no pretension £ criminally long guitar solos or fancy instrumentation apart from the sax which is used to wondrous effect.

At times the guitars are a little frantic £ but with so much variety in the tunes, it is easy to forgive. The band has been together for just a few years — but on this showing are already acting like seasoned pros.

With such confidence, desire and the right dollop of enthusiasm, they could have a bright future in a business absurdly saturated with young indie bands. Certainly, with a superb album like this already in the bag, they have every chance.

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