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Album: Philip Selway, Familial (Bella Union)

Drummer goes solo: always a situation fraught with danger, but thankfully Radiohead's Philip Selway leans more towards the Robert Wyatt end of the spectrum on this debut collection of 10 songs prompted by the death of his mother.

The various emotional responses triggered by loss are etched here in settings which bring to mind the quieter moments of Talk Talk and Radiohead: acoustic guitar, cello and glitchy loops mark out the surmounting of depression in "By Some Miracle", while double bass and guitar sketch Tim Buckley-esque folk-jazz figures as Selway tells his son "I want to shield you from my mistakes" in "The Ties That Bind Us". Even when horns blossom at the end of a track the surface mood is still contemplative and intimate, while the emotional turmoil wrestles below.

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