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Album: Tinie Tempah, Disc-Overy (Parlophone)

As his singles have suggested, Disc-Overy confirms that Tinie Tempah has spirit and charm to spare, though exposed at such length, the tight focus on the standard grime/hip-hop subject matter (basically: booze, birds and bling) does tend to get tiresome.

Track after track of skittering electro synths celebrates Tinie's meteoric rise, and how he now "drive[s] past the bus I used to run for"; but there are hints of shadows creeping into his lifestyle now he's "turn't myself into a product with a price tag", notably the admission in the closing "Let Go" that he's "living out my dream and I'm tired from it". The best tracks are the more thoughtful reflections on youthful memories, such as "Illusion" and "Snap"; the worst is the turgid pomp-rock-rap crossover "Written in the Stars", ominously scheduled as his next single.

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