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Album: Travie McCoy, Lazarus (Fueled By Ramen)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

Travis "Travie" McCoy made more UK chart impact with the recent ersatz reggae-rap hit single "Billionaire" than he did in over a decade as frontman of pop-rappers Gym Class Heroes, and while there are a couple more hits to come from Lazarus, it's unlikely to make him a household name.

Head and shoulders above everything else here is "Dr Feelgood", a bustling disco-hip-hop crossover blessed with an infectious undercarriage and an irresistible hook from Cee-Lo Green; and "We'll Be Alright" may profit from the enduring appeal of the Supergrass track around which it's built. But the rest of the album just exposes McCoy's shortcomings, such as the whiney edge to his voice on "Critical", and the desperate lack of originality in his childhood reminiscence "Akidagain".

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