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Album: White Lies, Ritual (Fiction)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

It's not just American bands like Interpol that are returning to the darker new-wave and goth sounds of the Eighties for inspiration.

This second album from White Lies exists on a vector stretching right back to Bauhaus, with the chunky fuzz-chord motorik and synth strings of tracks like "Strangers" and outsider fellowship anthem "Streetlights" boasting the requisite stentorian vocal from guitarist Harry McVeigh. The group have secured the services of producer Alan Moulder, past master at presenting the none-more-black new-wave sound at its most dramatic, and he's brought a stadium-goth impact to pieces such as the yearning love song "Bigger Than Us" and its probable successor as single, "Holy Ghost". Although, for all their vaunting pomp, the lack of a convincing emotional dynamic in the vocals does tend to undercut their effect.

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