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Album: White Noise Sound, White Noise Sound (Alive Natural Sound)

Reviewed by Andy Gill

Like White Lies, Swansea sextet White Noise Sound are heavily beholden to the sound of Eighties indie, in their case the ponderous, looming space-rock of Spacemen 3 and razoring, distorted guitar of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

It all comes together with maximum impact on the opening "Sunset", whose electro-punk pulse could be from Suicide's debut album, and "No Place to Hide", in which dense layers of synths and miasmic guitar drones ride a determined groove to a pleasing Neu!-style conclusion. It's a beautifully sequenced set, with the slow swells of tremulous guitars and strings in the penultimate "Don't Wait for Me" segueing smoothly into the Popol Vuh-ish sitar and guitar tonalities of the concluding "(In Both) Dreams and Ecstasies".

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