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Alison Moyet

The Turn (W14)

By Nigel Gould

There's simply no mistaking the voice - the best blue-eyed soul vocal cords since Dusty Springfield.

Alison Moyet, Alf, ex-Yazoo, ex spiky haired punk from Essex has an arresting, pulsating voice in any medium.

Sadly, though, the material has been generally lacking in comparison.

Only maybe a half dozen tunes down through the years - mostly found on inspiring 1984 power-pop debut Alf and mostly due to the crisp Jolley/Swain production - have matched the voice in the quality stakes.

For an artist with more talent than most, that is surely one of pop's most ridiculous crimes.

However, Moyet finally makes amends on her new wonderful album The Turn which includes some of the finest material of her career to date.

Here she combines lo-fi slow-burning pop, soul, R and B, and country- tinged style songs with hymn-like numbers and anthems of introspection.

The Turn sees Moyet at her most confident - musically and lyrically (witness the startling piece of imagery on Home).

At 46 she seems to have shed the self-deprecating persona that has pretty much run right throughout her solo career.

In truth there isn't a bad moment on the latest record.

And in Can't Say It Like I Mean It, It's Not The Thing Henry, The Sharpest Corner (Hollow) and the stunning Fire, Moyet has assembled killer tracks that will take some beating.

Over the years Moyet has shifted well over 20 million records ? but never before has she brought together so many brilliant ones in a single album.

The Turn is appropriately named ? this collection of superb songs is surely a turning point in Moyet's work.

And if she had nothing more to prove with the voice, this album with its texture and depth of work will put paid to any doubts about her choice of material.

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