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Classical Music 2/4/10

Braid Arts Centre, Ballymena,Tomorrow, 7.30pm

Over the past several decades, thousands of young musicians have been taught through the excellent system in Northern Ireland of the Education and Library Boards and their regional youth orchestra network. But once they leave that system, very few ever continue their orchestral playing for one reason or another. Many take up non-musical careers and there are few opportunities for them to join a non-professional orchestra.

So when an enterprising person like Rebekah Durston founded the Ballymena Chamber Orchestra in 2006, you’d imagine there must be a host of willing participants and a ready market.

Ballymena Chamber Orchestra is a charitable organisation that exists to promote classical music through concerts, festivals, schools programmes and workshops.

The orchestra consists of musicians from Ballymena and across Northern Ireland — professional musicians, teachers and advanced students — and welcomes applications for new membership. You can read more about this on its website: www.ballymenachamberorchestra.co.uk

The orchestra will be performing with a complementary and recently-formed choir under the direction of Ballymena Academy Head of Music Paul McQueen.

See www.thebraid.com/ tel: 028 2563 5900

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