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Colin Farrell snaps at movie premiere


Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

Irish actor Colin Farrell got into an angry confrontation with photographers at the premiere of his latest movie in Toronto yesterday.

The 33-year-old took objection to requests from the press pen for the Irishman's sister Claudine to leave the red carpet so that they had a clear shot of the star.

In a brief stand-off he went nose-to-nose with one photographer and remonstrated loudly before retaining his composure.

Farrell was in the Canadian city for the premiere of Triage, a film which investigates the psychological effects of war on a photo journalist.

The actor stars alongside Sir Christopher Lee and Paz Vega in the movie.

He arrived at the Elgin Theatre amid boisterous shouting from the press pen.

Photographers implored the actor's entourage to “get off the carpet”, prompting the angry scene.

He approached London-based Joe Alvarez who was among those shouting at those accompanying the star.

Mr Alvarez said: “With celebs you get a lot of hangers-on, PRs, everyone and their wives surrounding the stars and we are limited for space. I was just saying, ‘Please can everyone clear the carpet, move on'.

“He took it personal. He said, ‘Do not shout at my sister like that, do not ever speak to my sister like that ever'.”

The confrontation quickly passed, with Farrell returning to his film promotion duties before taking his seat in the auditorium.

Speaking minutes after the incident, he said that studying photo journalists had not affected his views in regards to showbiz photographers.

He said: “It is completely separate. I wouldn't ever compare, comparison is a dangerous business.”

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