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Dum Dum Girls will blow you away with their New York-style girl power

By Grania McFadden

There's nothing dumb about Dum Dum Girls, who'll be bringing their garage rock to the Black Box this evening. The New York band have been smart enough to pick some of the greatest performers for inspiration – Iggy Pop, Siouxsie of Banshees fame, The Vaselines...

Leader of the pack is singer-songwriter Dee Dee Penny, who fronts up the band of goths with plenty of black eyeliner and attitude.

She got into the music scene in 2000 when a boyfriend encouraged her to join his band. Always ambitious, she wanted to write something which would put her up among her heroes: Siouxsie, Patti Smith, the Velvets and the Stone Roses. Dum Dum Girls' CQAF gig is supported by Crocodiles, fronted by Branndon Welchez, aka Mr Dee Dee Penny. We're nothing if not family-friendly. While Dum Dum Girls strive to have attitude, Wild Beasts sport effortless originality and edge.

The Kendal band is headed up by Hayden Thorpe and Tom Fleming, and started life as Fauve (French for 'wild beasts'). They've been described as the "nicest bunch of weirdos you'll ever meet", and they're as likely to sing about orgies as pub brawls. They've found their niche as the chroniclers of the tender, strange and funny things that happen in 21st century Britain.

Some of their songs – with titles like Brave, Bulging, Buoyant Clairvoyants – bring to mind groups like Pulp and Divine Comedy, and they've an authenticity which ticks the same box as Arctic Monkeys.

But Wild Beasts aren't really like anyone else at all. Their fans are hooked on the intelligent, offbeat lyrics, yes. But also the electronic sounds and falsetto singing.

All four Wild Beasts are products of comprehensive education, and have made it their mission to take a poke at 'posh rockers' who elbow into the music scene to seek the one thing their money can't buy – artistic integrity.

Citing influences as wide as Blue Nile and Alain de Botton, Wild Beasts will be playing songs from their new, hugely acclaimed album Present Tense.

A chance to see the world through Wild Beasts' eyes.

  • Dum Dum Girls play the Black Box at 8pm. Wild Beasts are at the Festival Marquee at 8pm

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