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Flamboyant Lady Gaga has Belfast's Odyssey rocking

Lady Gaga's Monster Ball concert at Belfast's Odyssey Arena was every bit as weird and wacky as fans could have hoped.

With a reported £1m spent on the production the evening featured four acts, 15 costume changes and a 40ft animatronic sea monster.

At one point the singer serenaded the audience playing a grand piano that was literally on fire.

Through all of the razzmatazz and wackiness it's difficult to remember one important thing: Lady Gaga — she can actually sing.

Even before she arrived wearing a dress made entirely of Muppets, her debut album The Fame went to Number One in numerous countries.

Lady Gaga is an act that transfers beautifully to the big stage. Ably supported by Semi Precious Weapons and Alphabeat, the crowd were in a frenzy by the time Lady Gaga appeared and she didn't disappoint.

This must have been one of the most outrageous shows Belfast has ever seen. From the costumes to the dancing to the music itself.

The star's voice is a thing to behold in itself, but one of her best characteristics is that she writes most, if not all, of her own songs. The crowd went wild for Just Dance, Love Game, Papparazzi and her latest single Bad Romance.

The whole evening was like a journey into some alternative fantasty land and the crowd went wild. You could even say they went GaGa. Judging by their enthusiasm, the Odyssey could have been filled three times over.

Kerry McKittrick

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