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Flipron - Gravity Calling (Tiny Dog Records)

Nigel Gould

There is a theory that it is harder to write a great uplifting song than to pen a great sad one.

That’s because with happy songs there’s a danger of veering towards the twee or the irritating.

But Flipron – a cracking little quartet in the mould of The Arctic Monkeys, Madness or Fratellis (only better) – have managed to pull off this feat, skilfully avoiding the aforementioned perilous pitfalls in the process.

Gravity Calling, the group’s third album is a brilliantly upbeat collection of musical dolly mixtures. It really is a joy to behold with gems in every corner of every twist and turn.

Each track is punchy, full of wry humour and packed with clever lyrics – “Anniversaries of old liberties are limping past in lines as the clouds are putting on their darkest suits.”

The album is wonderfully produced by old punk, The Damned’s Rat Scabies who adds that high-energy, short, sharp shock approach for which his band was famed in the 1970s.

Frontman Jesse Budd is a rarity in pop – an impressively versatile singer-songwriter who plays guitar, lap steel, electric sitar, dobro, mandolin and accordion.

Really, though, Gravity Calling is a team effort – and a flawless one at that. There are so many highlights – from the opening brilliance of Mavis right through Book of Lies, Orpheus Inconsolable and the cracking Something Lost, bringing the album to a close.

Gravity Calling is an engaging mix of exuberant pop, blues and glam-tinged rock‘n’roll.

The real success is the record’s ubiquitous charm — this is a collection of songs that instantly lifts any doom and gloom in a way that few new albums can accomplish.

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