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Florence powers on through Belsonic’s downpour

Review : Florence and the Machine, Belsonic, Belfast

Custom House Square, Belfast

No festival was complete this summer without the distinctive, haunting vocals of Florence And The Machine, and last night at Belsonic was no exception.

Since their debut album Lungs was released in 2008, Florence and her merry back-up musicians have slowly but surely grown from a small indie act to headliners in just two short years. They've also managed to sell more than four million copies of said CD along the way.

Florence is as recognisable for her flowing red locks as she is for her voice.

Sadly, the weather last night in Belfast’s Custom House Square was best described as dire. The heavens opened at the start of the night and didn't close, leaving the crowd a sea of red ponchos.

Nevertheless, the intrepid concert-goers didn't have their spirits dampened by the rain and huddled closely together for warmth. This was an easy task as the concert sold out and the venue was at capacity.

Florence and her gang were ably support by the eclectic beat-combo Babe Shadow. The duo aren't well known in these parts yet but were the perfect prelude to Florence. Expect to see more as they are constantly championed by Radio One's heavy hitters.

They provided us with gentle, original numbers which were the perfect warm-up on a chilly evening. In spite of the weather the excitement of the audience grew as they waited for Florence who twirled onto the stage resplendent in white and thanked the crowd for coming on such a bad night.

The singer and the band proceeded to treat Belfast to all of the hits from the current Lungs album; Howl, Drumming, My Boy Builds Coffins, Howl, and of course, Rabbit Heart and You've Got The Love. Needless to say the atmosphere was electric.

Florence's voice soared and danced about the crowd and is every bit as brilliant as her album would have us believe. That she is at the end of a grueling summer of touring barely showed and every single person in the audience was entranced. One remarked that she looked like a music box ballerina as she danced around the stage.

This is one of the last gigs the band will perform before heading back to the studio to complete their long-awaited second album. Hopefully though, they will be back in Belfast to treat us to more of the same.


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