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Jedward land new record deal and steal Belfast X Factor show

It must have been with some smug satisfaction that Jedward took to the stage in Belfast on St Patrick’s night.

The day before the curtains come up on 'X Factor Live' at the Odyssey it was announced that Simon Cowell's Sony Records had given the Irish twosome the boot.

But a mere 24 hours later, the terrible twins were signed up with Universal. Perhaps it was the luck of the Irish on St Patrick’s Day.

X Factor Louis Walsh gushed before last night’s gig: “I'm completely committed to Jedward and delighted we've secured them a new deal with Universal.”

“I'm completely committed to Jedward and I know they still have a great career ahead of them. The boys have a sell-out tour in Ireland that they start straight after The X Factor Tour in April.”

But last night they were back at it, romping around the stage and waggling plastic pistols at a blow-up ghost — though to be fair, you can hardly do the 'Ghostbusters' theme and not.

Wearing contrasting vintage suits, their hair gleaming terrifyingly under the stage lights, the duo's dancing is perfunctory and their singing . . . well, you've probably heard better warblers at the office karaoke party.

And yet, the unconfined joy with which the Grimes throw themselves into their performance is infectious, setting them apart from the dreary human-hairdryers who otherwise make up this year's crop of 'X Factor' contenders.

The competition was eventually won by a rosy-cheeked north of England lad named Joe McElderry, fated to go down in history as the man nobbled for the UK number one spot by Rage Against the Machine. He belts out Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing', a guilty pleasure whose rehabilitation, we can all now agree, has gone to unnecessary extremes.

In truth, though, the performances are all so blandly competent it's hard to tell who will or won't have a career after the dust settles.

Runner-up Olly Murs hams it up in an Austin Powers routine with dancers in polka-dot skirts.

Barbra Streisand look-alike Stacey Solomon flutters eyelashes the length of goose-quills before murdering Queen's 'Who Wants To Live Forever?'

It's hard to imagine either holding arenas in their spell six months from now.

Naturally, Jedward receive the loudest shrieks. But you can't simply put that down to the hometown audience.

Not even their mother (or Louis Walsh) would claim they are fantastic vocalists.

However, they possess what everyone else on the bill prominently lacks Ä a whiff of actual star power.

And isn't that what the 'X Factor' is supposed to be all about? Little wonder Universal Records snapped them up shortly after they were shown the door by Sony.

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